Reduce Background Signal Associated with Anti-Goat Secondary Antibodies

Are you looking for a simple way to detect antibodies raised in goat? Do you struggle with non-specific signal when using anti-goat secondary antibodies?

The new Simple Western Anti-Goat Detection Module for Wes, Peggy Sue and Sally Sue includes Simple Western Milk-free Antibody Diluent that is optimized to block non-specific signal and prevent cross-reactivity when using anti-goat secondary antibodies. Download our Tech Note to learn how you can use it to get clean and strong signal, without the worry of secondary cross-reactivity.

Looking for the perfect kit for your experiment? Check out our interactive Simple Western Kit Builder to custom design your kit in 5 easy steps.

Want to learn more about Wes?

Watch the video and see how Wes can process up to 25 samples in 3 hours. The short video shows the step by step process, from sample loading to signal detection.

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