AlphaImager® HP System

Versatile Gel Imaging

High-performance, fully automated imaging has made the AlphaImager HP our most popular platform. The system’s application versatility not only includes a wide range of fluorescent and colorimetric applications, but can also be expanded to chemiluminescence as laboratory needs change.

Alpha Imager HP System
  • Motorized Lens Allows direct control of aperture, zoom and focus through the software.
  • Epi White Lights Assist when focusing and positioning samples.
  • Dual-Wavelength Transilluminator Easily slides in and out of cabinet. High and low intensity settings provide additional illumination control.
  • White Light Table For colorimetric applications such as Coomassie gels. Folds up when not in use.
  • 5-Position Filter Wheel Customizable for UV fluorescent imaging versatility. Motorized wheel makes switching between applications easy.
  • Control Panel Touch panel allows control of light sources and filter position.