AlphaImager® Mini System

Economical Gel Documentation

The AlphaImager Mini is ideal for routine fluorescent and colorimetric research applications. This compact, portable system weighs only 14 lbs (6.4 kg) and requires very little bench space.

Alpha Imager Mini System
  • Manual Zoom Lens Provides high quality images.
  • Side Handles System cabinet can be transferred and seated onto most transilluminators.
  • Epi White Light Illumination Assists when focusing on samples and are controlled by an external switch.
  • Viewport with UV-Blocking Shield Safely view samples under UV illumination.
  • Dual-Wavelength Transilluminator (optional) Optimal excitation for a variety of fluorescent dyes. High and low intensity settings provide additional control.
  • Pull-Up Door with Static Hinges Easy access when positioning or removing samples.


AlphaSnap Software

Designed specifically for DNA and protein gel applications, AlphaSnap Software simplifies image acquisition.

AlphaSnap Software
  • Acquire and easily capture an image
  • Print to any local or networked printer connected to your PC
  • Export easily to AlphaView Stand Alone Analysis Software
  • Save directly to your computer or to a network location