72 ELISAs. One hour.

Ella lets you run single or multi-analyte ELISAs hands-free in an automated microfluidic cartridge. Runs are done in just an hour—and all of the work gets done on the same instrument. You don't have to do any manual washes or tedious reagent additions. Even better, her low-volume Simple Plex™ assays eliminate all the challenges that come with manual ELISAs. She gives you the reproducible picogram per mL or lower sensitivity you need, a 4-5 log dynamic range, and zero cross-reactivity. So you'll have a big head start on discovery!


Single or multi-analyte — you pick

Ella runs single analyte assays with her 72x1 cartridge and multiplex assays with her 16x4 cartridge. That means you can analyze 72 samples for a single analyte or 16 samples for four analytes, giving you the flexibility your assay needs. And you'll see great results with both!

Faster Workflow

Setup with Ella only takes 10-15 minutes, and she only needs 25 µL of sample. Just scan the barcode, add your samples to the microfluidics cartridge, put it in Ella and press start—she automates every step. So all that hands-on, manual washing and reagent adding you’d do with a typical ELISA? Gone. You'll have results in an hour, and Ella does all the data analysis for you too.

Traditional ELISA
80-120 min setup
3-6 hr for results

10-15 min setup
1 hr for results

Technology & Applications

Microfluidics gives you far better ELISA data

Simple Plex assays are a lot like ELISAs, just without the errors that come with multiple, manual steps. Ella uses fluorescence detection to up your sensitivity, and gives you the specificity you'd expect from your ELISA. That all adds up to better CVs, a broader dynamic range, and the ability to run low and high level samples in one assay!

Multiplex without cross-reactivity

There's no cross-reactivity with Simple Plex assays. Ella splits your sample across four distinct channels when you multiplex on the 16 x 4 cartridge. So it's just like running four separate ELISAs at once. End result? Way better accuracy and broader dynamic range than you can ever get with multiplexed ELISA.

Figure 1.  Comparison of the dynamic range and sensitivity of a Simple Plex multi-analyte assay (IL-1β, IL-5, IL-10 and IL-12 in a single panel) run on Ella with those from commercial single-plex ELISAs for the same analytes. You'll get comparable results with single analyte and multi-analyte assays.

Easily detect low endogenous levels

Figure 2.  Simple Plex assays have a broader dynamic range and lower detection limit than standard manual ELISAs as shown.

All the assays you need

Like ELISAs, Simple Plex assays use ELISA components. And every Simple Plex assay is backed by R&D Systems reagents (think Quantikine® ELISAs), so quality is a slam-dunk. Ella's got a large menu of assays to choose from, and each has been thoroughly validated to make sure you get the best performance. Don't see something you need on the list? Just let us know and we'll make something specific just for you!

Get linear results without worrying about pipetting technique

Figure 3.  Comparison of linearity for 4 separate analytes in a Simple Plex assay. Plots show calculated concentration (pg/mL) at each volume loaded is linear with a low calculated CV at all sample loads. So you don't need great pipetting technique to get excellent results, the assay format is very forgiving.

Built-in standard curves and triplicate results saves lots of time


Figure 4.  Simple Plex cartridge factory calibration compared to daily in-lab calibration. When you scan the cartridge barcode, it gives Ella the factory-calibrated standard curve for your assays. Ella's a big believer in standard curves, so use her built-in factory curves to save even more time.

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