The Simple Life

FluorChem E and M Imagers

There's more to life than throwing away bad pictures and squinting to see bands. Simple imagers do it all, with the smoothest software you’ll ever use. Prepare to enjoy the simple life.

FluorChem M


See everything

Crisp, clear images with a whopping 8.3 megapixel CCD resolution and automatic settings optimization.


Do everything

Satisfy everyone in your lab with built-in RGB LEDs, UV and white light sources for full apps flexibility.


Digital Darkroom

Simple for everything

Get the right picture, right away with unique one-step Digital Darkroom software. Access and analyze your data from any computer, anywhere.

Which FluorChem System is Best for You?

Find out which Western Blot Imaging system is best for you using the FluorChem system comparison table. The table contains detailed information on imaging applications, lens options, system specifications and upgrade options for each FluorChem system.