FluorChem M system

Do more with less

FluorChem M

Stop throwing away bad images and squinting to see bands! The FluorChem™ M system offers true application flexibility with the smoothest software you'll ever use.

FluorChem M

See Everything

Crisp, clear images with a whopping 8.3 megapixel CCD resolution and automatic settings optimization.

Do Everything

Satisfy everyone in your lab with built-in RGB LEDs, UV and white light sources for full apps flexibility.

Digital Darkroom

Go Everywhere

Get the right picture, right away with unique one-step Digital Darkroom software. Access and analyze your data from any computer, anywhere.

Technology & Applications

Quantitative fluorescent detection

Direct fluorescent detection is really stable, not to mention a great non-enzymatic alternative to chemiluminescent imaging. You'll get greater linearity over a broader dynamic range with it on the FluorChem M system, which means more accurate quantitation too. And our MultiFluor Western Blotting kits are optimized for high performance and have everything you need for secondary fluorescence detection.

Serial dilution of Transferrin (1.0 µg to 0.5 pg) detected by Western blot using MultiFluor Green secondary antibody. The resulting linear range was greater than three orders of magnitude with 0.5 pg limit of detection.


Fluorescent Western blot detection of a Transferrin dilution series using MultiFluor Green secondary antibody yielded a dynamic range of approximately five logs.

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