FluorChem R system

Do more with less

FluorChem R

Satisfy everyone in your lab with an imager that does it all—and takes the complication out of getting reliable, fully analyzed data too! Meet the FluorChem™ R system.

FluorChem R


See those tiny, hard to detect bands on a 10.4 inch screen with a whopping 8.3 megapixel CCD camera.

Easy To Use

Who says you have to be in the lab to image your Westerns? Control the system and access your data from just about anywhere using browser-based Digital Darkroom software.

Digital Darkroom on mobile phone


Built-in IR and RGB light sources gets you crisp, clear images every time—regardless of your application.

Technology & Applications

Infrared fluorescence

Infrared fluorescence lets you keep the sensitivity of film without the dynamic range trade-off. The FluorChem M system is optimized for multimode infrared detection, which gives you three-channel multiplexing in the process. So now you can transition confidently to digital imaging with ease!

Multiplex detection of HSP70 (a), ERK1/2 (b) and β-actin (c) in HeLa lysates with infrared (IR) fluorescence. Independent images for each fluorescent channel were obtained sequentially and a composite image (d) was generated by overlaying the individual images. All three colors were imaged in a single scan using Digital Darkroom acquisition software on the FluorChem R system.

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