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Joan Kicks Her Method Development into High Gear with iCE3

"The short run times and easy sample preparation allowed for method development within a day or two. The versatility of the instrument allows the possibility of offering clients rapid alternatives to traditional ID and charge heterogeneity assays."

- Joan Garrison, QC Method Transfer Scientist, Cook Pharmica

Joan Garrison

On the hunt for new techniques

Cook Pharmica is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO). They give biopharmaceutical companies a unique one source, one location model so they can work with one CDMO through all project phases.

Joan Garrison is a QC Method Transfer Scientist at Cook Pharmica, working as the liaison between the QC laboratory, their development group and clients to introduce new methodologies and techniques to the lab.

Method development at a snail's pace

Joan looks at biosimilars, mAbs, and proteins on capillary electrophoresis platforms. Her customers often asked for charge heterogeneity and identity assays using CZE and IEF or cIEF. But, many of these methods took a really long time to develop.

Picking up the pace with iCE3

Joan used the iCE3 to get around all that. It was fast and easy for her to use, and the day to day and analyst to analyst data reproducibility was unbeatable. Shorter run times and easy sample prep let her develop methods in only a day or two. The fact that she could increase sample throughput while decreasing the number of analysts and instruments was also a total win-win for her clients and the company. Since the instrument is so versatile, it also lets her offer clients rapid alternatives to traditional ID and charge heterogeneity assays.

With the iCE3's reproducible results and ease of use, Joan can pretty much guarantee every client's satisfied. And the few times she's had a slightly trickier project, she feels ProteinSimple has given her excellent service and technical support to make make her successful.

iCE for QC labs everywhere

Joan is currently waiting for client signatures for several method transfers using the iCE platform. Because it's fun and quick, her favorite transfers use the iCE3. And she's found newer QC analysts can learn the platform easily, increasing sample throughput in the lab. Joan believes the iCE3 is a must-have for QC laboratories and that all her QC labs will eventually transition over to using the iCE3 exclusively.

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