iCE280 System Overview

iCE280 system

The iCE280 System performs free solution IEF in a capillary column (cIEF) and detects focused protein zones using a whole column UV absorption detector that avoids disturbing these focused zones. This technology is unique in that it has the comparable resolution of traditional gel IEF but incorporates the advantages of a column based separation technology, including quantitation and automation.

It is superior to conventional cIEF performed with single point detection systems, which require a lengthy mobilization phase. As a result, method development and sample analysis can be run on the iCE280 in a fraction of the time required by other technologies and our resolution and reproducibility are superior.

The iCE280, with whole-column detection, completely eliminates the need for a mobilization phase. This results in a unique combination of speed, resolution and reproducibility.

Product Specifications

  • Separation Technique: Free solution whole column detection capillary isoelectric focusing (cIEF)
  • Separation Column: 100 µm ID x 50 mm (2") long fluorocarbon coated capillary
  • Detection Method: Whole column light absorption at 280 nm
  • Linear Detection Range at 280 nm: > 100
  • Focusing Voltage: Constant voltage, stepwise adjustable from 100 to 600 volts/cm
  • Automation: Choice of PrinCE MicroInjector or Alcott 719AL Autosampler
  • Sample Throughput: Up to 7 injections per hour
  • Ambient Temperature: 18°C to 23°C
  • Relative Humidity: <= 85% non-condensing
  • Electrical: 115/220 VAC +/- 10%, 50 – 60 Hz +/- 0.5%
  • Size: 28.25 cm wide x 60.5 cm high x 31 cm deep (11.125" W x 23.75" H x 12.25" D)
    (Note: The iCE280 sits on a stand (14.6 cm / 6.625" high) when used with the PrinCE MicroInjector)
  • Weight: 45 pounds (20 kg)