Tomorrow's challenges are always looming so why not catapult ahead? iCE3 lets you move beyond the limits of traditional protein analysis.

Quick and simple method development gets you to product approval soon, or as we like to say: FDA, PDQ.

iCE3 system

Charge Heterogeneity: 10 Minutes

iCE3 fast-tracks your development timelines. 10-minute start to finish runs with the new HT Cartridge let you optimize method conditions in an afternoon.

Development: Streamlined

Use the same method for multiple molecules — no need for product-specific methods. You can now standardize platform methods across product development and QC, so you’ll save time and costs and get more consistent data and information in the process. Did we also mention that we have a brand new Method Development Kit that comes with all the reagents you'll need to tackle any protein?

Analysis: Simplified

Proteins are complex, no way around it. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some are linked to other molecules. iCE3 gives you high resolution, quantitation and automation without the hassles that come with other techniques. It will analyze your toughest samples and most challenging proteins with ease.

Success: Assured

Over 100 publications, posters and presentations can't be wrong. Here's more proof: A 12-lab study at 11 biopharms verified iCE™ technology as robust and reliable for charge heterogeneity analysis of monoclonal antibodies.