Are you looking for a multi-purpose imager to streamline workflows?

Do you want to integrate imaging workflows for protein and DNA gels, Western blots, colony counting and more—without multiple pieces of equipment? Are you looking for a quick and sensitive platform that will save you lab space while covering all your application needs? You’re in the right place, FluorChem imagers include UV, white light, chemiluminescent, colorimetric and fluorescent detection, and are your all-in-one solution!

FluorChem™ imagers provide you with rapid method development and accurate analysis for a variety of applications. The high-quality data you generate will help you troubleshoot, thereby cutting down on optimization experiments and saving you precious time. Take control and uncomplicate your day-to-day lab workflows all in a compact 12” x 24” footprint!

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How can FluorChem imagers help you?

FluorChem imagers come with the versatility that spans the likes of applications requiring colorimetric detection, chemiluminescence, UV fluorescence, colony counting, DNA and protein gel imaging. Need more? FluorChem R, M and Q will give you the added benefit of three-color visible fluorescence. Need even more? FluorChem R adds infrared fluorescence to all the above. Each equipped with the speed and sensitivity to meet even the most difficult detection demands.

Read how FluorChem Q is providing researchers who are investigating childhood cancers with confidence in the preclinical drug validation data they generate.

Check out our system comparison chart to see which FluorChem imager is right for you.

Want to learn more about FluorChem?

Watch this video and see how FluorChem imagers make gel and Western blot imaging a breeze. Simply load your sample, choose your protocol, hit Expose and get perfect, high-quality images.

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