Want to simplify your phospho-flow signaling studies?

Are your phospho-flow or signaling assays challenging to implement? Do some of your phospho-protein targets lack good flow/FACS antibodies?

Milo chemically lyses cells before analysis so you can easily access protein epitopes that can be challenging to access with intact cells on flow or FACS. Histone modifications, ribosomal proteins, and transcription factors are now just as easy to measure as cytosolic or surface proteins! Milo eliminates the need to fix and permeabilize cells so you can save time and hassle. Plus, Milo is an open platform that uses conventional Western antibodies so you won’t have to struggle to find high-quality flow-validated antibodies against all of your protein targets again!

Want to learn more about Milo?

Watch the video and see how Milo can automate 1,000 single cell separations in just 4 hours.

Download our application note to learn how Milo was used to measure heterogeneity of methylated histone expression — a class of proteins that is challenging to measure with flow cytometry owing to their tight packaging into nucleosomes, but critical in regulating gene expression.