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NanoPro 1000

Simple Western charge assays

NanoPro™ 1000 gives you all the detailed info you need on your proteins—including characterization of post-translational protein modifications. He also runs the widest pl 3 to 10 gradient and analyzes up to 96 samples at a time to boot. Did we mention he's a conservationist too? Use as few as 25 cells per assay, even when you're characterizing low abundance proteins in limited cell populations. So save your cells and a chunk of time too!

Automated Western Analysis with the Simple Western Charge Assay on NanoPro 1000

How Can NanoPro 1000 Help You?

My sample is precious, and I don't have enough for other methods like traditional western blot

Sometimes you wish you could do more with your small and precious sample while performing protein analysis. NanoPro 1000 is a conservationist Simple Western instrument. It uses as few as 25 cells per assay, even when you're characterizing low abundance proteins in precious and extremely small samples such as primary cells, fine-needle tumor aspirates and laser capture microdissection (LCM). Imagine all the data you can get from your sample using Simple Western Charge assays on the NanoPro1000!

Minimize Sample Usage from Traditional Western Blots

The Simple Western Charge Assay with Chemiluminescence Detection on the NanoPro1000 Instrument Uses as few as 25 Cells Per Assay

Monitoring of drug effects in fine needle aspirates from individual mice over time with NanoPro 1000

I need more than size data

Sometimes a band from a western blot is not telling you the entire story about your target of interest. Size-based separation will not be able to resolve phosphorylation isoforms and other post-translational modifications. A charge assay (cIEF plus immunodetection) has the power to let you see beyond what's detected by a traditional western blot.

Profile Charge Isoforms

Western Blot

Nanopro1000 charge-based separation beyond a traditional western blot

NanoPro 1000

Detection of ERK1 and ERK2 Charge Isoforms by Traditional Western Blot Versus NanaPro 1000 Automated Western Analysis

I have too many samples and need higher throughput protein characterization

Our Simple Western systems offer the right throughput for your needs. NanoPro 1000 will process up to 96 data points per run in eight cycles of 12 data points each. Ideal for screening or applying the same assay to large number of samples. All the throughput you need with minimum hands-on time.

Protein Characterization with Simple Western Charge on NanoPro 1000

I am in a race to discover and need my data faster than traditional western blots offer

The NanoPro 1000 quickly generates up to 96 data points in one automated run! If analyzing 96 data points overnight is not impressive enough, maybe we should add that time also includes data analysis. Set up your automated western and start your run in the afternoon. You will come back the next morning to find charge isoforms detected with a pan antibody automatically done for each sample. If your time is as precious as your sample and you need western results faster, we will help you win the race to discovery with Simple Western Charge assays on the NanoPro 1000.

Click on the clock to see your time savings.

My current method is not reproducible

How reproducible will your current immunoassay be in analyzing 96 data points? With NanoPro 1000 you get intra- and inter-assay CV<20% for size and charge assays. How's that for reproducibility? Enhance your protein characterization capabilities with Simple Western Charge assays on the NanoPro 1000.

Intra- and Inter-Assay Data With Advanced Reproducibility on NanoPro 1000

Simple Western Applications

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Simple Western Instrument SARS-CoV-2 Research Applications

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Simple Western Instrument Cell & Gene Therapy Research Applications

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Sample Required 0.6-1.2 µg
Volume Required 5-12 µL/well
Size or pI Range Widest gradient ranges from pI 3 to pI 10
Sizing CV <10%
Intra-assay CV <20%
Inter-assay CV <20%
(± percent difference in MW)
± 0.1 pI units
Quantitation CV <20%
Dynamic Range 3 logs
Sensitivity Low pg
Capillary 5 cm, 100 µm, 400 nL