ProteinSimple Launches Second Generation, High Throughput Simple Western Systems

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Santa Clara, CA, January 13th, 2014 - ProteinSimple today launched Sally Sue and Peggy Sue, the next generation of high throughput Simple Western instruments. These instruments drive the sensitivity of the current high throughput Simple Western systems to performance levels well beyond any traditional Western.

The Simple Western is a Western with none of the hassle. No messy gels, no transfer tanks, no blots, no imaging and no manual analysis. In 2012, ProteinSimple introduced two high throughput instruments that surpassed the throughput of the traditional Western by 50 times. These systems allowed researchers to simply load up to 96 samples, push a button, walk away and come back to fully analyzed, truly quantitative data in less than a day.

Sally Sue and Peggy Sue enhance the value of these high throughput systems by delivering at least 10 times the sensitivity of the first generation instruments and require 80% less sample. Both systems separate proteins by size and Peggy Sue can also separate proteins by charge. Together, these systems offer biopharmaceutical researchers the highest throughput and the best sensitivity available today in an immunoassay-based separation platform.

"Reception of the Simple Western has been unbelievable," commented Tim Harkness, CEO of ProteinSimple. "Sally Sue and Peggy Sue are the logical evolution of the platform as we continue to drive higher performance and ease of use."

Meet Sally Sue and Peggy Sue April 5th-9th at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting in San Diego, CA and visit to learn more.

About ProteinSimple

ProteinSimple's goal is simply to help researchers gain a better understanding of proteins and their role in disease. The Company's strategy is to power protein research by making it simpler and more quantitative, ultimately revealing new insights into the true nature of proteins. ProteinSimple has built a unique portfolio of protein analysis tools including systems for traditional protein imaging, systems to probe the structure and purity of protein based therapeutics and systems that provide fresh insight into protein signaling. ProteinSimple has over 175 employees, more than 14,500 systems installed around the world and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. For more information, visit

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