Detect Changes in Multiple Proteins in a Single Sample

Quickly identify the changes of multiple analytes in your samples with Proteome Profiler™ Antibody Arrays and FluorChem™ Systems

Measuring multiple analytes in your sample in one assay saves time and money, and allows you to get the most data out of your precious sample. Proteome Profiler Antibody Arrays from R&D Systems® enable quick identification of changes of multiple analytes in your samples with one simple assay. These arrays save time and money by giving you duplicate measurements on up to 119 proteins in a single sample. Image these arrays with FluorChem systems, which offer flexibility with multiple detection methods, and a powerful analysis tool with AlphaView software.

Dipok Kumar Dhar and colleagues from King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre, Saudi Arabia, examined cytokine changes in a rat model of liver resection. Using Proteome Profiler Antibody Arrays and the FluorChem M imager, they performed a time point analysis of changes in cytokine expression in liver tissue samples to compare early regenerative responses of 2 surgery methods.

Read the full paper here: A novel rat model of liver regeneration: possible role of cytokine induced neutrophil chemoattractant-1 in augmented liver regeneration

To examine the role of bacteria-generated nitric oxide on host cell signaling and cell death during infection, Brian Mocca and Wei Wang from the FDA used Proteome Profiler Human Cytokine and Apoptosis Antibody Arrays and a FluorChem Q imager. They determined that bacteria-generated nitric oxide induced changes in GM-CSF, IL-8, TNF-α and Il-1α gene expression in host cells and triggered host cell apoptosis by altering expression of components of the apoptotic signaling pathway.

Read the full paper here: Nitric Oxide in Bacterial Pathogenesis: Hijacking Host TNF-α Signaling and Modulating Host Cell Cycle

Suganya Sivagurunathan and colleagues from Vision Research Foundation, Chennai, India used the Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Array Kit and a FluorChem imager to screen for changes in Y79 cells in which HIWI2, a protein essential for stem cell renewal, was silenced. OTX2 and VEGFR2 were downregulated in HIWI2-silenced cells, however, other stem cells genes, such as Oct-3/4, Nanog, and Sox-2, remained unchanged.

Read the full paper here: PIWI-like protein, HIWI2 is aberrantly expressed in retinoblastoma cells and affects cell-cycle potentially through OTX2

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