Sally Sue™

So Frugal. So Accurate. So Easy.



Sally Sue will run the entire Simple Western assay for you. Simply load your samples, push a button and walk away. Sally Sue will separate proteins by size, detect your target proteins and even quantitate them using a standard curve.

Detection of PI3 Kinase

Figure 1.  Detection of PI3 Kinase in a serial dilution of HeLa lysate (1000 ng/µL – 37 ng/µL). All eight cycles showed similar results (CV <15%). Linearity of the dilution series (R2=0.989) is maintained even at very low protein concentrations.

Sometimes you wish you could do more with less. Sally Sue does up to 96 samples in one experiment with as little as 0.2 µg/µL protein in the sample. She also sends a tweet when results are ready just in case you lose track of your new hands-free time.

Pathway Profiling

Figure 2.  Sally Sue can analyze an entire cell signaling pathway in a single run. HeLa cells were left untreated or treated with TNFα to stimulate the NFκB signaling pathway. Using only 5 µL/well (1 µg/µL) of either a whole cell lysate (WC) or nuclear extract (NE) from those cells, Sally Sue was able to quantitate seven different proteins from the pathway plus a loading control (αTubulin). She even threw in an extra replicate for good measure.