You may be wondering why ProteinSimple named an instrument Simon, so here is the story. The Western blot was introduced over 30 years ago, and things have definitely improved over the years but nothing has actually replaced it—until now. Simon has completely reinvented the entire Western process, and any instrument capable of doing that deserves a name, don't you think? Not to mention he will be an invaluable member of your team in no time.

Simple Western Size-based assays are fully automated by Simon. Sample loading, size-based separation, immunoprobing, washing, detection and quantitative data analysis are done automatically, giving you a complete, walk-away solution. He even tweets when your results are ready.

  • Removing all the manual steps saves valuable time, time you can utilize for other things.
  • Fully analyzed results are ready in just 3-5 hours, letting you make experimental decisions much sooner.
  • Automating the process removes variability, so results are more reproducible run to run, between users and over time.
  • Since Simon doesn't do a blotting step, protein transfer inconsistencies are eliminated, giving you more quantitative data.
  • Western protocols can be standardized across users and multiple, global locations.