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Simple Plex for Cell Therapy

Automated Immunoassays for Cell Therapy Process Development

Automated Simple Plex assays on the Ella platform offer high quality immunoassay data and unparalleled efficiency for your cell therapy workflow.

  • Ella reduces the manual operation of an immunoassay by 80 percent. Simply dilute samples and add them to the cartridge.
  • With a total time to result of just 90 minutes, Ella gives you results in a fraction of the time of a manual assay.
  • Sample volume requirements of 25 µL or less and triplicate measurements from every sample well reduce consumption of your precious samples.
  • Measure viral titers and characterize transduced cells with Simple Plex assays designed to meet your needs.
Viral titer and immune cell profiling automated assays for cell therapy

Consistent and Reliable

Simple Plex assays on Ella deliver the same data regardless of instrument, operator or location.

  • Volume independent assays that are robust to how much sample is added
  • Factory calibrated cartridges minimize inter-lot variability allowing you to get the same measurement anywhere
  • Reduction in manual steps eliminates operator error

Data from automated ELISA Platform Ella demonstrates low inter-lot variability.

Testing across 3 sites, 11 users and 9 Ella instruments. Four different assays were processed for CCL2, IL-6, TNF α and VEGF-A. Eight unique serum samples with 2 controls for a total of 704 answers.

Solutions for CAR-T Manufacturing

The manufacturing of CAR expressing T-cells is a multistep process that requires rigorous product characterization at various points throughout the workflow. Ella gives you the critical information you need faster, with superior sensitivity and reproducibility that supports regulatory compliance. Accelerate your process development with automated Simple Plex assays for viral titer and T-cell characterization.


Viral Titer Assays

Accurate detection and quantitative measurement of viral titer in cell cultures is critical for implementation of effective gene transfer treatment strategies. Simple Plex assays are available to quantify viral titers of both lentivirus and adeno associated virus capsids.

Simple Plex HIV p24 Lentiviral Titer Assay

The Simple Plex assay for the detection of human HIV-1 Gag p24 combines high throughput with superior accuracy and precision to enable rapid quantification of lentiviral capsid proteins.

Partners in AAV Titration Assays

To bring you the best quality immunoassays, we’ve partnered with the industry leader in Adeno-associated virus quantitation, PROGEN.

AAV ELISAs for viral titration

The Simple Plex AAV2 Assay

The Simple Plex AAV2 assay gives you a fast, sensitive and reproducible method for the reliable titration of intact AAV2 WT virions, AAV2 recombinant virions, or assembled and intact empty AAV2 capsids—all critical viral quantifications to help a safe and reliable gene transfer. The AAV2 Titration assay uses the A20R antibody from industry partner PROGEN to detect a conformational epitope not present on unassembled capsid proteins. PROGEN antibodies are among the most published antibodies in biomedical and cell biology literature.

Simple Plex AAV2 Assay Specs
LLOQ 3.41 x 106 capsids/mL
ULOQ 1.3 x 1010 capsids/mL

Download AAV2 Spec Sheet

AAV titer assays on automated ELISA system Ella

How Does the Simple Plex AAV2 Assay Compare with the PROGEN AAV2 ELISA?

In this application note, we demonstrate assay comparability between the Simple Plex AAV2 assay and the PROGEN AAV2 Titration ELISA (PRATV) to show that you get the same high-quality data you would expect from the PROGEN ELISA with an automated, streamlined workflow.


Multianalyte Measurements for T Cell Characterization

Multianalyte cartridges on Ella allow you to take multiple biomarker measurements in parallel rather than in multiplex. This ensures the highest quality data since all assays are run in a discrete environment. Combine any four analytes from our menu into custom panel for your T cells.

Simple Plex Assays for T Cell Characterization
Granzyme B IL-4 IL-17A
IFN-γ 3rd Gen IL-5 TGF-‎β1
IL-2 IL-10 TNF-α 2nd Gen
T cell characterization on automated ELISA system Ella

See the full Simple Plex assay menu, learn more about how Ella works or talk to one of our Immunoassay specialists about Cell and Gene Therapy solutions for your lab.

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Simple Plex Applications


COVID-19 Research Multiplex Assays


Inflammation Research Assays


Cancer Research Multiplex Assays


Neuroscience Research Multiplex Assays


Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy Research Multiplex Assays

Bioprocess Dev.

Bioprocess Development Multiplex Assays

Preclinical Res.

Simple Plex for Preclinical Research

Viral Titer Assay

Viral titer assays on automated ELISA system Ella
Other Simple Plex Products

Single analyate, multi-analyte, and multiplex assay options for automated ELISA system Ella

  16x1 32x1 16x2 16x3 16x4 32x2 72x1 32x3 32x4 32x5 32x6 32x7 32x8
Samples 16 32 16 16 16 32 72 32 32 32 32 32 32
Plex 1 1 2 3 4 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8
Replicates 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2
Reportable Results 16 32 32 48 64 64 72 96 128 160 192 224 256

Single Plex

Single Plex cartridge


Multianalyte cartridge


Multiplex cartridge


Customizable cartridge


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