Simple Plex systems

Hands-free, high-performance ELISAs

So long, manual ELISAs! The Simple Plex™ is here. Simple Plex assays are fully automated, single or multi-analyte immunoassays. Think mini ELISAs—just without the cross-reactivity. And the coolest part? The assays are powered by R&D Systems so they're highly sensitive!



Simple Plex immunoassays

Technology & applications

Get everything done a lot faster.
Simple Plex assays on Ella let you run multiple samples in only 60 minutes. That includes fully analyzed results for up to 4 analytes in each sample. How's that for speedy?

Running assays is a breeze.
Every step of the assay happens in a ready to go cartridge. Setup only takes 5 minutes! Ella handles everything for you, even wash and incubation.

Go multi-analyte, not multiplex.
You can run multiple Simple Plex assays on the same sample at the same time. And because each sample is split across isolated, microfluidic channels, there's zero cross-reactivity!

Get the data you really want.
Simple Plex assays give you the same specificity as single-plex ELISA, with way better sensitivity and a broader dynamic range. And because there's no repeat pipetting, your CVs will take a nosedive too.

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