Are you working with limited sample?

Are you working with small volumes or starting materials? Do traditional immunoassays use too much of your precious sample? Do you want to do more with your sample? Our Simple Western systems maximize the data you get per experiment.

Sally Sue is your problem solver. She uses as little as 0.2 µg/µL of protein in just 5 µL of sample, and can utilize that sample to the max by allowing you to interrogate those few microliters eight times in a single run. Imagine all the data you can get from your sample!

Want to maximize data points per sample?

Sally Sue can help you analyze an entire signaling pathway in a single run. She can help save your sample. Read our application note to learn how Sally Sue can generate 16 data points from only 5 µL of sample with 2 runs.

Want to learn how Wes others are using Simple Western systems?

Watch our webinar to learn how Melissa Hamm, Merck & Co., and Dr. Alice Fan, Stanford University, used Simple Western systems for protein vaccine development, and for the identification and quantitation of tumor-associated proteins in precious clinical samples.

Want to learn more about Sally Sue?

Watch the video and see how Sally Sue can process up to 96 samples in a single overnight run with just 5 µL of sample per capillary. The short video shows the step by step process, from sample loading to signal detection.

If you're curious about pricing, just send us your request.