Milo antibody database

Find antibodies validated for Single-Cell Westerns on Milo

Milo is an open platform so you can use any Western-validated antibody to probe scWest chips. To help you get started, here is a selection of some of the antibodies that have been validated on Milo to date. This database is intended to provide general guidance in identifying and selecting antibodies to test. The performance of any antibody will need to be optimized for the specific sample type being studied. For more information on how to select antibodies for use on Milo, check out our tech note. Note: in cases where multiple antibodies have been validated for the same target, the best performing antibody is indicated by *. All primary antibodies have been incubated for 2 hours at room temperature. Listed sample types are not exhaustive.

If you don't see your antibody listed here, we can help! Please email us your target of interest at

Milo Antibodies (381)

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Validated Target  Host SpeciesVendorProduct NumberSampleConcentration
α-actininGoatR&D SystemsAF8279KPC cells100 µg/mL
α-actinin4MouseSanta Cruz Biotechnologysc-390205HeLa cells100 µg/mL
α-synucleinRabbitCell Signaling4179SHY5Y cells1:10
β-tubulinMouseGenetexGTX11312Primary Her2+ breast tumor cells1:10
β-tubulin*RabbitNovus BiologicalsNB600-936Mouse dendrites1:40
β-tubulin*RabbitAbcamab6046Murine pancreatic cancer cells1:40
β-tubulin*MouseGenscriptA-01717-40Human pluripotent stem cells1:40
βIII-tubulin (neuronal)MouseSigma AldrichT8578Human iPSCs100 µg/mL
ActinMouseDevelopmental Studies Hybridoma Bank224-236-1Dictyostelium discoideum100 µg/mL
Akt (pan)MouseCell Signaling2920C2C12 cells1:10
Akt (pan)RabbitCell Signaling4685C2C12 cells1:10
Akt (pan)*RabbitCell Signaling4691C2C12 cells1:10
AlbuminMouseAbcam10241Hepatocyte co-culture100 µg/mL
AlbuminRabbitCell Signaling4929Hepatocyte co-culture1:10
ALDH1A1RabbitCell Signaling12035(unpublished)1:10
alpha-actininRabbitCell Signaling Technology6487BT474
AML1RabbitCell Signaling4336Jurkat cells1:10
APRILGoatR&D SystemsAF884MOLT-4 cells1:5
ASCRabbitAdipogenAG-25B-0006-C100GM-CSF BMDCs50ug/mL
ATG5RabbitCell Signaling TechnologyCST129945Macrophages1:10
Atg7MouseR&D SystemsMAB6608HeLa cells100 µg/mL
ATG7MouseR&D SystemsMAB6608Macrophages1:10
Atg7*RabbitAbcamab133528HeLa cells100 µg/mL
ATMMouseNovus BiologicalsNB100-309(unpublished)100 µg/mL
ATP1A3MouseAbcamab2826Live primary human cortical neurons100 µg/mL
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