Multiplex protein detection

If you need to detect and quantitate multiple proteins at the same time, we've got a few techniques to help you get there!

Simple Plex

The Simple Plex assay run on Ella is a fully automated, multi-analyte—not multiplex—mini ELISA. You can run multiple analytes per sample and get the same specificity of a single-plex ELISA, only with greater sensitivity and a broader dynamic range. Samples are split across isolated microfluidic channels containing analyte-specific, low surface area GNRs (glass nano reactors), so only very low sample volumes are needed. This also results in data that's free of cross-reactivity.

Simple Western

With Simple Westerns, you can detect multiple proteins in the same capillary using two or more antibodies, as long as your proteins are different molecular weights. Multiplexing with Simple Western assays not only normalizes your proteins in the same capillary, it also ups your sample throughput for every experiment you run.

Western Blot Imaging

Never strip and re-probe a Western blot again. Multiplex fluorescent detection lets you probe multiple proteins all on the same blot at the same time. FluorChem M and R imagers have three channels that cover the full gamut of fluorescent applications—and they'll also cover all your gel documentation needs too.