CE-SDS with Maurice

CE-SDS (capillary electrophoresis sodium dodecyl sulfate) is an indispensable tool for characterization of biotherapeutic proteins and confirmation of product purity, and Maurice makes it automated, reliable, and easy. He transforms traditional CE-SDS to provide the highest quality data with a vastly simplified workflow, to let you quickly and effectively monitor critical quality attributes (CQAs) like purity, identity, consistency, and stability, so you can get safe and effective products to market, faster.

CE-SDS on Maurice Just Got Better

We’ve made it even easier to transition from SDS-PAGE to CE-SDS on Maurice by adding the new Lane View to our Compass for iCE software. Lane View gives you a gel-like representation of your CE-SDS data, giving you a way to visualize your data the way you’re used to with SDS-PAGE.

Filter out odors from agents like β-mercaptoethanol (BME) with the Maurice and Maurice S. System Filter Upgrade

Odors from reducing agents like β-mercaptoethanol (BME) clearing out your lab? Our new System Filter Upgrade adds hardware to Maurice and Maurice S. to filter out odors after your CE-SDS runs on Maurice and Maurice S, so your lab stays stink-free. Request a Quote to learn more!

Transition from SDS-PAGE to CE-SDS with Maurice using the Compass software for iCE including gel-like representation of CE-SDS data

Advantages of CE-SDS Over SDS-PAGE

The accurate and quantitative analysis of product purity is a fundamental component of effective development of a biotherapeutic protein. Without consistent techniques and high-quality, reproducible results, it is difficult to precisely assess the product’s efficacy and or safety, potentially delaying, even jeopardizing, its approval. Hear about the advantages of automated CE-SDS on Maurice over manual SDS-PAGE by listening to our Podcast with Drug Discovery World (DDW) and Dr. Tufan Aydogdu, Field Applications Scientist, ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand.

Podcast Comparing SDS-Page with Automated CE-SDS for Faster Sample Turn-Around Time

Are you still using SDS-PAGE for your protein analysis? When CE-SDS and SDS-PAGE methods are compared side-by-side, CE-SDS offers several clear advantages such as automation, improved quantitation, reproducibility, and faster sample turn-around time. Learn how Maurice CE-SDS reigns supreme against traditional SDS-PAGE slab-gels in this Application Note – Comparing SDS-Page with Maurice CE-SDS, and see how you can trust Maurice to provide reproducible, high-resolution data with a simple and robust workflow.

Application Note for Comparing SDS-PAGE with Maurice CE-SDS for Protein Purity Analysis

Molecular Weight Determination on CE-SDS and SDS-Page

Differences in apparent molecular weight (MW) have been observed in some cases when going from SDS-PAGE to CE-SDS. While these methods aren’t typically intended for high-resolution MW determination, many of their applications require a reasonable estimate of apparent MW. This Technical Note highlights relevant peer-reviewed publications that address factors for comparing MW between CE-SDS and SDS-PAGE.

Transition from SDS-PAGE to CE-SDS with Maurice using the Compass software for iCE including gel-like representation of CE-SDS data

Researchers at the University of Braunschweig evaluated the comparability of molecular weight determination of proteins on SDS-PAGE and CE-SDS on Maurice and Simple Western. In this paper, they focused on sample preparation and MW marker selection and their impact on apparent molecular weight.

Application Note for Comparing SDS-PAGE with Maurice CE-SDS for Protein Purity Analysis

CE-SDS Instruments and Techniques Are Not All Created Equal

Superior data quality and ease-of-use

You have a lot of choices for CE-SDS platforms; why choose Maurice? In this publication in the Journal Electrophoresis, scientists at Technical University of Braunschweig compared Maurice CE-SDS against several other instruments, and concluded that Maurice demonstrates superior data quality in all four parameters, with additional advantages in ease-of-use, flexibility, reliability and sustainability.

Publication in the Electrophoresis Journal on The Next Generation of Capillary Electrophoresis Instruments: Performance of CE-SDS Protein Analysis

See how Maurice stands out

Maurice combines high data quality and a simplified workflow to give you superior confidence in your protein sample identity and purity, so that you can be sure to meet regulatory guidelines, while getting your product to market quickly. Check out these two Application Notes that show how CE-SDS analysis on Maurice of a NISTmAb (RM 8671) ranks against alternative instruments including the PA 800/PA 800 Plus system from SCIEX and the LabChip GXII Touch system from PerkinElmer.

Application Note for CE-SDS Analysis of a NISTmAb Reference Standard Using Both Maurice and the SCIEX PA 800/PA 800 Plus
Application Note for Monoclonal Antibody Characterization by CE-SDS: Maurice Versus LabChip

Easily transfer your CE-SDS methods to Maurice

It’s easy to transfer methods from other CE-SDS systems to Maurice. With Maurice, you have flexibility with adjustment of injection time, separation time, separation voltage, and data analysis. Learn how scientists from Pfizer optimized their Maurice CE-SDS method to achieve comparable results to those of a conventional CE system in this Webinar on the Evaluation and Application of Maurice for Biopharmaceutical Analysis. Want to find out more about how you can transfer your CE-SDS method to Maurice? We can help. Contact us at info@proteinsimple.com.

Maurice combines both icIEF and CE-SDS detection schemes in one system, which automates protein profiling by either size or charge

Enhanced Analysis For QC Testing

QC-specific workflows made easy

With Maurice, you can develop a QC-specific workflow that eliminates the need to use a commercial internal standard, freeing you from potential concerns like introducing contaminants to test samples that might interfere with subsequent analyses. We show you how he does it in this Application Note - Application of Maurice CE-SDS for Biopharmaceutical QC Workflows.

Application Note for Application of Maurice CE-SDS for Biopharmaceutical QC Workflows

Save time and money with Maurice for QC

Learn from this whitepaper for how Maurice’s simplified and streamlined CE-SDS workflow for QC provides substantial savings, in both time and money, compared to alternative instruments that are error-prone due to their complicated designs and laborious workflows.

Application Note for Understanding and Overcoming the Impact of CE-SDS Failure in QC Testing

Power up Maurice with Waters™ Empower® Software

Maurice gives you the data integrity, repeatability, and accuracy you need in your regulated laboratory environment. With a seamless integration with Waters™ Empower® 3 Software, the Maurice Empower Control Kit controls Maurice to provide regulatory compliance readiness, including 21 CFR Part 11 controls, for industry-leading security and data integrity. Check out our Application Note on Powering Up Maurice with Waters™ Empower® Software to learn more.

Application Note for Powering Up Maurice with Waters Empower Software

Take Protein Analysis to the Next Level with CE-SDS PLUS

Save on costs and get even better data with CE-SDS PLUS

Learn how Maurice’s CE-SDS PLUS system provides unparalleled sample stability and data consistency in this Application Note - Enhanced CE-SDS Analysis with Maurice’s CE-SDS PLUS System, so you can analyze protein samples that are susceptible to fragmentation with confidence. Also enjoy 60% reduced cost due to the significantly increased injection number per cartridge, compared to our standard CE-SDS cartridge.

Application Note for Enhanced CE-SDS Analysis with Maurice’s CE-SDS PLUS System

Automated AAV characterization with low sample volumes

CE-SDS PLUS can help you tackle novel and challenging molecules such as adeno-associated virus (AAV), commonly used in gene therapy. See how Maurice with CE-SDS PLUS provides rapid and well-resolved product characterization of AAV capsid protein purity, with low sample volume requirements, in this Application Note – Characterization of Adeno-Associated Viral Vector Proteins Using Maurice CE-SDS.

Application Note for Characterization of Adeno-associated Viral (AAV) Vector Proteins Using Maurice CE-SDS