90 minutes to better ELISA data

Learn how Simple Plex provides better performance data than the competition

Standard ELISAs have been a common workhorse for protein detection in many labs. However, manual wash steps and reagent additions increase the time to result and introduce human error, impacting your assay’s reproducibility. Faster, more streamlined assay techniques have overcome the time consuming, manual steps of standard ELISAs but still struggle with assay performance. Let us introduce you to Ella, your immunoassay problem solver that not only speeds up your assay time, but also offers uncompromising performance.

How does Ella’s workflow exceed the competition’s?

How much hands-on time do you spend setting up your experiment, performing washes, antibody incubations and detection? Are you tired of splitting your time between running assays in the lab and analyzing answers at your desk? With Ella, you simply add your sample and buffers to the Simple Plex cartridge, insert the cartridge and start your run. There's only 10–15 minutes of hands-on assay prep time, and she gives you fully analyzed answers in an hour!


Ella Workflow


Ella vs Competitor Workflow

In just 90 minutes you will see highly reproducible validated assay data without the need for any manual steps. The assay performance behind your data includes sub-picogram level sensitivity, 4+ logs of dynamic range and reproducibility that rivals the best laboratory automation. Ella offers this all in a compact package that doesn’t break your budget or your lab bench.

90 Minute IL-6 Assays

Automated ELISA data that doesn’t break the bank

Ella vs Competitor Costs

We compared the cost per reportable result between a 72x1 (72 samples/1 analyte) Simple Plex assay run on Ella and a competitor’s 90-minute assay. Factory calibrated standard curves come with each Simple Plex assay cartridge and each sample runs in triplicate, letting you maximize the available positions for your sample. Even just comparing duplicate results from traditional ELISAs with Ella, you earn a cost saving of $2.62 per result. With other 90-minute assay platforms you need to sacrifice performance and cost for time savings. With Ella you maximize your results with less hands-on time, results in triplicate and cost per sample savings to boot!

Want to learn more about Ella?

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