Customizable Assays on Ella

Need to build a better immunoassay?

48-Digoxigenin cartridges give you the flexibility to build your own assays on Ella, giving you the best immunoassay workflow and data with your own reagents. These customizable cartridges have additional inputs for your capture and detection reagents allowing you to build up to 48 unique immunoassays on a single cartridge.

48-Digoxigenin Cartridge

With our 48-Digoxigenin cartridge you get up to access to the precision and workflow of Ella with you own reagents. The cartridge uses a anti-digoxigenin capture antibody to serve as the foundation for the assay and delivers up to 48 results in triplicate in less than 90 minutes.

Description Specification
Volume Required 2.5 to 25 µL
Analytes per Sample 1 Analyte
Throughput 48 Samples
Time to Result 75 Minutes
Sensitivity Sub-picogram/mL
Built in Replicates Triplicate
Dynamic Range 4-5 Logs

Pharmacokinetic Applications

Now you can develop Pharmacokinetic assays on Ella. With the 48-Digoxigenin cartridge you can run your PK assays in 90 minutes with no manual steps. If you need to speed up you clinical development or transfer your assay to a CRO Ella has the solution for you. Read our Pharmacokinetic Assay Tech Note and learn how you can customize the best workflow in the industry for you pharmacokinetic work.

Cytokine Applications

Have a novel biomarker that you need to investigate for clinical development? The 48-Digoxigenin cartridge gives you the sensitivity and reproducibility you need for modern biomarker discovery. Want to see how you can leverage the 48-Digoxigenin cartridge to develop your own assay on Ella? Read our Cytokine Immunoassay Tech Note and learn how you can customize the best workflow in the industry to detect your targets today.

How to Get Started

We've qualified the materials for you and with some simple protein labeling techniques you'll have your assay up and running on Ella in no time.

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