Multiplex Assays on Ella

Want a higher quality multiplex immunoassay?

Simple Plex assays on Ella provide a different approach to multiplexing. Instead of running all the assays together, Ella only runs two assays per channel. This spatial separation combined with a high level of validation ensures that you get the best possible performance. Multiplex immunoassays on Ella are validated to the same parameters as the single plex and multianalyte cartridges, ensuring you get the same assay results no matter the cartridge format.

Multiplex Assay Conditions

Ella multiplex diagram

Need to maximize your throughput?

Multiplexed cartridges combined with Ella's speed and automation allow users to create large datasets quickly and with little manual intervention. Biomarker screening and verification have never been easier. With the 32x8 cartridge you get 256 reportable results in just 90 minutes.

32x8 Multiplex Cartridge

The 32x8 cartridge delivers eight immunoassays in duplicate from just 25 µL of sample. If you're working on biomarker lead verification or you just need a high quality multiplex assay the 32x8 cartridge delivers the results you need.

Description Specification
Volume Required 2.5 to 25 µL
Analytes per Sample Up to 8 Analytes
Throughput 32 Samples
Time to Result 75 Minutes
Sensitivity Sub-picogram/mL
Built in Replicates Duplicate
Dynamic Range 4-5 Logs

Multiplex with Unparalleled Flexibility

Multiplex assay panels for Ella are fully validated so that any 8 analytes within a specified panel can be combined in a 32x8 multiplex cartridge. Choose any 8 analytes from the Pro-Inflammation and Oncology panel below and we’ll custom build a 32x8 cartridge for your biomarker research.


Simple Plex Applications


COVID-19 Research Multiplex Assays


Inflammation Research Assays


Cancer Research Multiplex Assays


Neuroscience Research Multiplex Assays


Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy Research Multiplex Assays

Bioprocess Dev.

Bioprocess Development Multiplex Assays

Preclinical Res.

Simple Plex for Preclinical Research
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