Single Plex Assays on Ella

72x1 cartridges for Ella are designed to mimic the format of a traditional 96-well plate ELISA but give you the superior workflow, data quality and throughput of Ella.

Each cartridge accommodates up to 72 samples and each well is sampled three times to give you all your results in triplicate. The antibodies as well as the fluorescent detector are pre-functionalized in the cartridge, and we've even calibrated it for you so you don't have to run a standard curve. Cartridge kits come with everything you need to run the assay including sample diluent and wash buffers.

Any assay on our menu can be formatted in a 72x1 cartridge.

72x1 Cartridge

Description Specification
Volume Required 2.5 to 25 µL
Analytes per Sample 1 Analyte
Throughput 16, 32, 72 Samples
Time to Result 75 Minutes
Sensitivity Sub-picogram/mL
Built in Replicates Triplicate
Dynamic Range 4-5 Logs

"Ella allows for reproducible sample data with minimal sample input. The lower volume usage allows for the expansion of research into novel areas of angiogenesis and inflammation as they pertain to many forms of cancer."

- Andrew Nixon, Ph.D., M.B.A., Associate Professor, Medicine & Director, Phase I Biomarker Laboratory, Duke University

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Andrew Nixon, Ph.D., M.B.A.

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