Your Next Generation ELISA

Ella's combination of performance and workflow brings your immunoassays to the next level. In just 90 minutes you get highly reproducible validated assay data with no manual steps. The assay performance behind that data includes sub-picogram level sensitivity, 4+ logs of dynamic range and reproducibility that rivals the best laboratory automation. All in a compact package that doesn’t break your budget or your lab bench.


What immunoassay problem can Ella solve for you?

I want to spend less hands-on time doing the immunoassay

You're in a race to make that next discovery, and Ella can help you get there faster. There's no need to split your time between running assays in the lab and analyzing answers at your desk. Simply add your sample and buffers to the Simple Plex cartridge, put it in Ella and start your run. There's only 10-15 minutes of hands-on assay prep time, and she gives you fully analyzed answers in an hour!

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Ella: 10-15 min setup, 1 hr for answers

I want flexibility with my plex

Need the flexibility to pick your plex or an upgrade path that doesn't lock you into a platform when your assays change? Ella has three Simple Plex cartridges that let you choose what you want to do, when you want to do it. Use the 32x4 and 16x4 formats for multiplexing, or the 72x1 for single-analyte assays. Use our Kit Builder tool to build your panel online!

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I need single digit CVs

Getting good immunoassay reproducibility is tricky with all the multiple, manual steps. Automation instrumentation adds to it too. With Ella, everything happens on the Simple Plex cartridge so each immunoassay is run the same way every time. There aren't any manual steps, washes or reagent additions.

Ella's also volume-independent. There's none of the variability that comes with pipetting error volume discrepancies. She precisely controls the volume on every assay, so every sample is handled the same way.

Ella uses fluorescence detection so she also stretches what you can do with your samples. Now not only can you detect low endogenous levels of proteins, but you can measure those proteins across a wider and more sensitive detection range too.

Translation? Way less variability, better sensitivity, large reading range and you'll get low single-digit CVs.

Top:  Reproducibility comparison for IL-10 near LLOQ.
Bottom:  Sensitivity and dynamic range comparison between Ella and traditional ELISA.

I need to transfer my immunoassay and get the same results

When it's time to develop and transfer your immunoassay to other labs, sites or a contract research organization, Ella makes it easy. Because Simple Plex assays are precisely controlled in the cartridge, there's no chance for pipetting errors. You'll get the same reproducible answers across multiple users and multiple sites. Simply put, you'll get consistent answers anywhere, by anyone on any Ella.

Figure 2.  Testing across 3 sites, 11 users and 9 Ella instruments. Four different assays were processed for CCL2, IL-6, TNF α and VEGF-A. Eight unique serum samples with 2 controls for a total of 704 answers.

My current immunoassay uses too much sample

Given you spend hours collecting it or thousands of dollars to get it—that sample is the most precious thing in your lab. Ella's a sample conservationist. She only needs 50 µL of diluted sample and given her high sensitivity that equates to 2.5-25 µL of your precious sample. For each small aliquot of precious sample, the microfluidic design produces 3 answers, one for each of the three Glass Nano Reactors.

I want correlation to my existing immunoassay

Did we say Simple Plex assays are powered by R&D Systems and are correlated against Quantikine® assays? That means you'll get the quality you already know and trust plus all the power Ella and Simple Plex assays can give you. So when you're ready to make the move to Ella, you can do it with confidence.

Technology & Applications

Ella does immunoassays in a microfluidic Simple Plex cartridge. It's like using a pre-kitted immunoassay, except everything's pre-loaded on the cartridge—even the calibration curve! All you need to do is add your sample and buffers and put the cartridge in Ella.

The immunoassay part works like this: sample runs through a microfluidic channel that binds your protein of interest. Next, Ella washes off unbound analyte and adds a detection reagent. Because each channel has three Glass Nano Reactors (GNRs) coated with a capture antibody, you get triplicate answers for each sample. Answers are then generated from the factory-calibrated standard curve that comes with every cartridge. Sound familiar? It's the same immunoassay you're used to, just without the errors that come with traditional assays.

Sample Volume Required 2.5 to 25 µL
Analytes per Sample Up to 4 independent Simple Plex assays per sample
Throughput 72 samples with 1 analyte, or 16 samples with up to 4 analytes
Hands-on Time 5 minutes
Time to Result 60 minutes
Sensitivity Sub-picogram/mL
Reproducibility Single-digit CVs, results in triplicate
Dynamic Range 4-5 logs
Cross-reactivity N/A, Simple Plex assays are run in parallel in individual channels