Do you need an imaging system that can also crunch some numbers?

Are you tired of exporting images to multiple programs for quantitative analysis? Do you want to save time by applying regularly performed analysis protocols to future runs? AlphaView software is included with all FluorChem imagers, has a full set of annotation tools and cuts down on steps to publication-ready results!

With the analysis tools in AlphaView® software, you can easily perform total protein normalization, fold-change calculations, microplate analyses, counting of cell, bacterial or yeast colonies, multiplex band analysis and much more. The ease-of-use and flexibility in detection that comes with FluorChem™ imagers make them an ideal choice for diving deeper into your data!

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How can you use AlphaView software to empower your data?

AlphaView software is workflow-oriented and has an intuitive interface for even the novice user to carry out image acquisition and multifaceted data analysis successfully. Image and enhancement tools allow you to annotate, rotate and make adjustments to your images to ensure high quality for publication. Analysis tools allow you to perform band densitometry measurements, molecular weight determination, colony counting and even quantitation of microarray intensities. Automated report generation tools produce customized reports that include your images and analytics, which can be saved and later recalled to increase experimental reproducibility. AlphaView software is here to meet the imaging demands of any molecular biology lab!

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Read our application note to see how FluorChem and AlphaView can even be combined with Stain-Free gels for total protein normalization of Western blot chemiluminescent signals.

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Watch this video and see how FluorChem imagers make gel and Western blot imaging a breeze. Simply load your sample, choose your protocol, hit Expose and get perfect, high-quality images.

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