Do you want fast results without the hassle of film?

Are you tired of doing multiple film exposures? Want to quickly capture faint and bright bands in a single exposure? FluorChem imagers will get the right exposure, every time.

FluorChem® imagers can help you. With imaging speeds that blow film away, you don’t have to worry about under- or over-exposure of chemiluminescent Western blots. Load less protein, use smaller amounts of your precious antibodies and never miss a faint band again!

Accomplish More

checkLoad less protein
checkUse less antibody
checkDetect faint bands

How do FluorChem imagers compare to film?

With a 5-log dynamic range enabled by the large, high-resolution CCD sensor in FluorChem imagers, you can detect faint bands and bright bands without oversaturating in a single exposure. Get the sensitivity and resolution you need for accurate data analysis. FluorChem imagers get your data in minutes, with no waste at all.

Read our application note to learn how FluorChem imagers provide superior quantitative capacity relative to film.

Want to learn more about FluorChem?

Watch the video and see how FluorChem imagers make gel and Western blot imaging a breeze. Simply load your sample, choose your protocol, hit expose and get perfect, high-quality images.

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