Do you need to see beyond the size and count of particles in your sample?

Are you getting the information you need to develop your pharmaceutical or support your NDA? Do you need to know more about the particle populations in your product? Introduce particle morphology to your analysis with the MFI 5000 series.

MFI is your particle analysis problem solver. With an image-based approach that allows quantifiable morphological characteristics to be derived from a particle image MFI is able to provide deeper insight into the nature of your particles. Add a Bot1 anytime to automate the whole process and take your throughput up a notch.

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How does MFI work?

MFI combines the direct imaging capabilities of digital microscopy with the precise control of microfluidics. What does that get you? High resolution images with 85% sampling efficiency, more precise sizing and counting, with full morphological detail for all sub-visible particles in your sample and the complete confidence that you can accurately identify every possible type—from protein aggregates to air bubbles.

Want to learn more about MFI?

Watch our webinar to learn how to use MFI to assess size and agglomeration of PLGA microparticles and how this information can be applied to the formulation and process development of PLGA microparticles, as well as to monitor the physical stability of these particles after reconstitution.