Simple Plex for Neurofilament Research
and other Neuroscience Biomarkers

Sensitive Data for Neuroscience Biomarker Research

Simple Plex assays on Ella give you the combination of sensitivity and reproducibility you need to advance your neuroscience biomarker research.

Simple Plex assays provide high quality data on low abundance biomarkers in serum, plasma and cerebrospinal fluid, and Ella provides a fully integrated and automated workflow to give you data in just 90 minutes.

With Ella's automation you also get an extremely high level of reproducibility and reliability. Simple Plex assays reduce manual operation and provide a rock-solid platform for your research.

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Simple Plex Assays for Neuroscience

With immunoassays developed by industry leader R&D Systems, Ella gives you the data you need to power your neuroscience research with a high level of automation, validation and reliability.

Neurofilament Light (NF-L) in Serum and Plasma

Neurofilament light chain has been implicated as an important biomarker for a number of neurological disorders. The Simple Plex neurofilament light assay can quantify this biomarker in serum and plasma samples to provide highly robust and reproducible data.

NF-L Spec Sheet

Plasma NF-L levels

Correlation to Simoa

The NF-L assay on Ella has shown to be highly correlated to the assay on Quanterix's Simoa platform. Now you can get NF-L measurements on an automated, robust and reproducible immunoassay platform.

NF-L serum/plasma levels across platforms

Biomarkers Validated for Cerebrospinal Fluid

Need better biomarker data from your cerebrospinal fluid samples? We've also got neuroscience biomarker assays that have been fully validated for measurement in cerebrospinal fluid. Need to measure multiple biomarkers? Talk to our specialists about creating a custom panel for your research.

Neuroscience Biomarkers Validated for CSF
CCL2/MCP-1 IL-6 CD21 CD27

Talk to one of our immunoassay specialists about our neuroscience solutions for your lab.

Don't see the marker you need? Find our full menu here, and we'll build a custom panel for you.

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