MFI software

MFI software is designed to work seamlessly with all Micro-Flow Imaging systems. Each application features a user intuitive interface, guided procedures and powerful reporting functionality. Optimized to meet the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical marketplace, MFI View makes sophisticated particle analysis simple.

MFI View System Software

The MFI View System Software serves as the workhorse MFI application. Designed to perform high-throughput particle classification and achieve results in record time, this robust tool simplifies the whole analysis process. Instantly classify particles like protein aggregates in large groups of samples, create automated protocols in 5 minutes, and do it all with full 21 CFR Part 11 security.


  • 21 CFR Part 11 security
  • Automated batch protocols
  • Method-based analysis protocols
  • Uses data compression algorithms for maximized storage
  • Time-resolved analysis capability
  • Secure access with comprehensive audit/log files
  • User permission controls
  • Protected data repository
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Fully compatible with MFI View Analysis Suite
  • Multi-sample analysis (MVSS 4.0 and later)

MFI View Analysis Suite

The MFI View Analysis Suite is an independent software package for image-based particle classification which complements the MFI View System Software. Its sophisticated yet user-friendly interface will allow users to easily gain new insight into their particle populations.

MFI View Analysis Suite
MFI View Analysis Suite


  • Review images, parametric data and charts simultaneously
  • Plot histograms, scatter plots, and trend charts
  • Cross-interactivity between charts, images, and morphological data
  • Easily isolate sub-populations using "find-similar" function
  • Develop multi-node filters with real-time population feedback
  • Individually highlight particles of special interest or for specific exclusion
  • Overlay and compare data sets
  • Generate comprehensive multi-element reports
  • Create analysis templates for repeat use