Do you need data faster?

Are you tired of being handcuffed to your bench for hours tending to gels and blots? Do you spend your time waiting in line for the dark room to free up? Do you want to save time with automated Western blots and results in just 3 hours? Our Simple Western systems help you win the race to discovery.

Wes is your problem solver. With just 3 µL of sample per capillary he can run up to 25 samples in just 3 hours. Get quantitative, reproducible results in hours, not days.

Sound too good to be true? See what others are saying about Wes

"The rapid, reproducible results on small amounts of tissue/cell lysates have allowed me to generate a more thorough data set on additional proteins, samples, conditions and brain regions all in the same amount, or even less time, as traditional Western blot. This technology has made it possible for small research labs to compete with the pace that research is conducted in large labs or companies."

  • Miranda Orr, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Texas Health Science Center

Want to learn how Wes can simplify protein analysis?

Watch our webinar to learn how Dr. Lise Munsie, University of British Columbia, Ryan Hart, Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Dan Griffiths, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, used Wes to study biomarkers associated with Parkinson’s Disease and traumatic brain injury.

Want to learn more about Wes?

Watch the video and see how Wes can process up to 25 samples in 3 hours with just 3 µL of sample per capillary. The short video shows the step by step process, from sample loading to signal detection.

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