Are you looking for reliable quantitative results?

Are you looking for reliable absolute or relative quantitation of your target? Do you want to simultaneously detect high and low protein concentrations? Our Simple Western systems give you the detection and quantitation you need for reliable results.

Wes is your problem solver. He can reliably detect signal saturation and work within the linear dynamic range of your assay. With HDR detection profile and analysis Wes gets you up to 6 logs of dynamic range. Get quantitative, reproducible results with Wes.

Want to learn how Wes others are using Wes?

Watch our webinar to learn how Melissa Hamm, Merck & Co., and Dr. Alice Fan, Stanford University, used Simple Western systems for protein vaccine development, and for the identification and quantitation of tumor-associated proteins in precious clinical samples.

How does Wes deliver broader dynamic range compared to traditional Westerns?

Get more data with Wes’ broad dynamic range. Read our application note to learn how Wes delivers better detection and quantitation over a larger sample concentration.

Want to learn more about Wes?

Watch the video and see how Wes can process up to 25 samples in 3 hours with just 3 µL of sample per capillary. The short video shows the step by step process, from sample loading to signal detection.

If you're curious about pricing, just send us your request.