Have challenges with your LC method? Let Maurice help!

Maurice makes it easy to profile your protein samples either by size or charge. Combining two capillary electrophoresis (CE) detection schemes into one single instrument, Maurice enables method development in a day, and data collection in minutes.

Difficult molecules for charge characterization? Not a problem!

For fusion proteins with complicate charge variants or hydrophobic ADCs, ion exchange chromatography often suffers with poor resolution. Maurice/iCE can provide you significantly improved resolution and reproducible peak pattern, in only 10 minutes.

No mess, no fuss

Maurice employs a smart, ready-to-use cartridge design which automates column conditioning and clean up. This design affords easy switch of separation modes between cIEF and CE-SDS, without concerns about cross-contamination. Waste is collected inside the cartridge which eliminates the hassle of handling toxic waste such as ADCs. The on-board sample mixing feature further enhances the ease-of-use, and reduces operator-dependent variability commonly encountered with other systems.

Have a big pipeline and a tight schedule? Maurice is fast!

Maurice produces pI and charge heterogeneity data in less than 10 minutes, and size-based CE-SDS data in 35 minutes. The fast separation time affords a streamlined, robust and automated solution for method development in a day. The icing? You can develop platform methods and use them for multiple molecules too.