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Confirming Accurate Particle Counting and Sizing on MFI Systems   
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Assess the Purity of Your Cell Therapy Product with Confidence: Micro-flow Imaging for Natural Killer Cell Therapeutics   
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Test More with Less Sample — Low Volume Particle Analysis with MFI + Bot1   
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Evaluating the Stability of Therapeutic Biosimilar Monoclonal Antibodies with Micro-Flow Imaging   
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Determining Residual Bead Count: Application of Micro-Flow Imaging to CAR T-Cell Manufacturing Application Note   
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MFI Silane-Coated Flow Cell Cleaning and Care Technical Note   
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Staying 21 CFR Part 11-Compliant with Micro-Flow Imaging View System Software and MFI Image Analysis   
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Automated Particle Analysis of Viscous Samples with MFI and the Bot1 Autosampler   
Easy Particle Analysis for Viscous Samples with MFI   
Fast, Multi-sample Particle Analysis Using MVSS 4.0   
More Efficiency with Equivalent Data: MFI 5200 Comparison to DPA 4200   
Comparability Study of Manual and Automated Particle Characterization with MFI