Application Note: Accelerated Serum Biomarker Verification and Validation with Wes and Ella

Serum biomarkers are measurable indicators that are used for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases like cancer, cardiac disease, autoimmune diseases, and neurodegenerative disorders. Using genomic, proteomic, and metabolomics techniques to identify molecules that play a critical role in early detection of disease helps researchers improve survival rates by 5-10X and determine the best therapeutic course for a patient.

The proteomic biomarker development workflow starts with biomarker discovery which involves screening samples for the presence of many different proteins in order to identify candidate molecules. Next, the identity of potential protein biomarkers is traditionally verified using an immunoblot and then validated with an ELISA-based technique.

We have faster, simpler solutions for you at every step of the process — from biomarker discovery to verification and validation. In this application note, we’re honing in on the biomarker verification and validation steps. Proof-of-concept data was generated to demonstrate how Simple Western and Simple Plex assays data give similar trends and work together to give you fast, sensitive, and precise information about your biomarkers of interest.